Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes (in progress)

Years ago, when i initially began thinking about my wedding day, I always had a hard time visualizing who would be standing beside me in my bridal party. I've never been one to have a gaggle of female friends, so I figured my husband would have to fill up my side ( as he filled up about 70% of our guest list lol). But now that years have past, things have changed, mainly, I've matured. I've been through ordeals and experienced things that I couldn't make it though alone, and those people have shown me the definition of a true best friend, and the definition of family ( believe me! not all are created equal).

Anyway, I wanted to ask these special individuals to be my bridesmaids in a special, personal way, because after all, my wedding IS supposed to be one of the most important days of my life and I believe those women by my side need to know how near and dear they really are to me. So I started browsing and came across these:
Cute little idea!

So I've been searching high & low for an inexpensive alternative to unfinished wooden boxes, and I came across these, at my faaavorite store on earth, Dollar Tree!

Only $1!

The only color they had was this ashy looking black/dark grey, but I couldn't pass up this deal, so I got them anyway, and painted them!  I mixed my silver acrylic paint with red watercolor paint and got an amazing metallic pink. Now the two paints are very different, my watercolor paints were from an art class, very concentrated so a little goes a long way. All you need is a tiny pea-sized dot compared to the acrylic paint. 


Heres what the box looks like after one coat : 


I may go over it again because there are some patches where you can still see the black through the paint, we shall see. 

Since I'm living in Florida and all my bridesmaids live in other states, I want to help their preparation process be as smooth as possible since I cant be by their sides. I want to fill the box with swatches of our wedding colors, textures, swatches for the bridesmaid dresses etc. Also a personalized note for each of them and some sort of  trinket, not sure.

I'll update this post when I decide exactly what I want to put inside. Until then... :)

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